What the UK is doing to help Ukraine against Russia

Ever since Russia’s tanks rolled into Ukraine in February 2022, Britain has stood alongside President Zelensky, providing support through weapons and aid.

OPINION: A critically trivial analysis of politicians’ hobbies

The world of politics is fast paced and relentless (apart from during recess- thanks for that Parliamentary Bureau, that’s really helped our analytics!), so politicians don’t really have much time to do normal-person things.

CBBC TV channel to shut down – wise innovation or killing kids’ inspiration?

In May last year, the BBC announced it planned to stop airing CBBC and BBC Four as traditional broadcast channels, due to cost-cutting measures and a seemingly admirable drive to “constantly innovate”.

Corporate pride

Happy pride month Punching Up readers! As the rainbows come out and the corporate world becomes an ally (for 30 days) we decided to explore how AI would react as different people. AI POLITICIAN Dear...

OPINION: ‘Freedom of speech director’ isn’t a real job

ALERT!!! Lecturers are being oppressed!!! Their freedom of speech is under attack!!! Don’t worry though, the Tories will save them.

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