South Wales Police have confirmed that several arrests have been made after a riot broke out in Cardiff overnight.

The scenes appear to have been sparked by the death of two teenage boys in a car crash late on Monday, although the circumstances around their deaths remain unknown.

Cars were set on fire and rocks and fireworks were allegedly launched at police, resulting in a number of officers being injured.

The cause of the unrest remains unknown at this moment.

South Wales Police have confirmed that ‘several’ arrests have been made but would not disclose how many.

While the connection between the crash and the rioting is not yet clear, police have quashed rumours that officers were involved in a police chase last night.

South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael said: “It would appear that there were rumours, and those rumours became rife, of a police chase – which wasn’t the case”.

He added: “And I think it illustrates the speed with which rumours can run around with the activity that goes on on social media nowadays – and that events can get out of hand.”

More to follow.