Junior doctors are due to go on strike again in June following on from action earlier in the year over pay.

They will be walking out from Wednesday 14 June until Saturday 17 June.

This will be the third time that Junior Doctors have been on strike since the dispute with the Government began in October.

The British Medical Association (BMA) have called for these strikes after the Government offered a 5% pay rise to Junior Doctors. In their statement, they said: ” The goal of this third round of industrial action is to force the Government to put forward a credible offer.”

According to the BMA, Junior Doctors’ pay has been cut by over 25% in the years following 2008 – thirteen years of which, the Tories have been in power.

This announcement comes after the controversial Public Order Act was passed through Parliament at the start of the month, infringing on how disruptive protest is able to be.

Ministers have made it clear that they will only extend talks with Junior Doctors regarding their pay, if the strikes do not continue. As things stand, Junior Doctors can only strike up until August because of the new law surrounding protests.

Speaking to LBC about Health and Social Care Secretary Steve Barclay, Co-Chair of the BMA Rob Laurenson said: “Strike action is the only thing that has brought this man to the table to listen to us and even then, he actually didn’t listen to anything we had to say.”

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