Reports have emerged that Boris ‘potentially’ broke the law yet again at the Chequers country estate between June 2020 and May 2021. So the list of times our former Prime Minister was a naughty little boy continues to increase as he rises once again, a raggedy pissed-up phoenix from a pile of stinking cigarette ashes.

This time however, he wasn’t seshing it up in number ten but he had a number of lovely family visits to the Prime Minister’s country house.

Now, it’s never a good idea to attempt to help Boris stay under cover, however his critically low levels of common sense meant that he clearly didn’t realise how easily he could’ve gotten away with it (if it wasn’t for that meddling ministerial diary). Yes, this time it was his ministerial diary that grassed up on him as according to reports from the Times, with the rule breaches were discovered in such document.

So crafty from Boris there, maybe he thought ‘ooh I’ll give them a clue and write it in my diary’, it’s not meant to be Cluedo (other murder mystery family board games are available).

But, either way, it is enlightening to see these new developments and further scrutiny for something that helped to sink Boris’ political career to the yet unexplored depths of the ocean, for him to lurk with fellow strange creatures of the deep.

As things stand, Thames Valley and the Metropolitan Police have said that they are assessing the information.

For the interests of political balance, Boris’ spokesperson has said that it is “totally untrue” that these breaches happened.

‘Partygate’ 2.0?

These reports follow on from the ‘Partygate’ scandal which led to Boris and our current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak getting fined for attending a party in Downing Street which breached the government’s very own lockdown rules. This led to endless calls for his resignation that he kept thoughtfully ignoring.

Partygate – 02” by garryknight is marked with CC0 1.0.

During the first wave of ‘Partygate’, Boris was fined just £50 for his lawbreaking, yet many ‘normal’ people were fined hundreds and even thousands of pounds for breaking the rules. Considering that clearly Boris had no regard for his own rules, there’s no reason why he couldn’t have had a slightly bigger bill through his letterbox. (Maybe not the best word in relation to Bojo).

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