After a man mysteriously drove his car into the Downing Street gates on May 25 and was subsequently arrested, the rarity of such crime happening on the UK’s arguably most famous street has been highlighted.

A seemingly bizarre turn of events happened yesterday as a man trundled his silver Kia into the black steel gates outside no.10 Downing street. The motives or reasons are yet unknown but, as seen in the video below, the driver heads towards Rishi’s gaff at a speed slower than the average Joe Biden speech, meaning that the famous gates sustained minimal damage.

This isn’t the first time a car has smashed into the street’s not so pearly gates, as a similar situation actually occurred in January 2000, when a man crashed his Vauxhall Astra into the gates, managing to damage the bolting. That particular instance of criminal damage had an extra tier of drama to it as a tourist was actually injured in the crash, and was taken to hospital with a non-fatal leg injury. Yikes.

Just how isolated these two dodgy driving moments are show how minimal the rate of external criminal activity is kept at. After all, 10 Downing street is one of the most iconic and unmistakable symbols of British politics, the base of operations for the Prime minister for the last three hundred years, and one of the most heavily policed properties around.

Yet somehow law breaking has still managed to happen at no.10 in recent years… carried out by the then Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s very merry brigade of partygate pissheads. 

Johnson’s partygate antics just won’t flush, with the bumbling former PM back in news this week after new accusations of more illegal gatherings at Chequers. Naughty Boris!

If the guy driving the car was trying to force his way into Downing street then he should have taken tips from one of Dr Who’s many enemies, the green flatulent Slitheen, who very successfully infiltrated No.10 in the episode ‘World War Three’ by wearing the skin of politicians they have killed. Bit of a long shot but you never know!

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