Rishi Sunak and his government still aren’t providing WhatsApp messages for the Covid inquiry – even though they were meant to before May 30. Could Sunak be hiding something?

As we all know, Boris Johnson was shamed nationally for the blatant breaches of his own Covid-19 lockdown rules. This has once again come to fruition as his own diary revealed that there could have been another breach in the law whilst he was staying at Chequers, the Prime Minister’s private country estate. But what about Rishi Sunak?

The Covid inquiry has requested that the Government hands over Boris Johnson’s WhatsApp messages in an attempt to investigate these breaches, however, they missed the original deadline which was yesterday (30th May). The deadline has now been set for 4pm tomorrow, Thursday June 1st.

Unsurprisingly, Sunak’s Cabinet Office asked if the deadline could be extended to next Monday. This was rejected which is no surprise considering the toxic relationship between politicians and WhatsApp.

So they are stalling as much as a learner driver on two hours of sleep, but why? Is there something to hide?

It is well documented that Rishi Sunak also broke lockdown rules during the endless dross that was the ‘Partygate scandal’. It feels plainly as obvious as the humour that comes out of a Christmas cracker that the Government is withholding these messages to protect the current Prime Minister.

If Boris Johnson broke Covid-19 rules at Chequers, there is every chance that his Chancellor did too, on more occasions than just one.

The fact that these messages haven’t been provided yet would perfectly explain this, there’s every chance that Sunak could be hiding in Downing Street as nervous as a pig at a slaughterhouse.

Now let’s just cast our minds back to October 2022 when Rishi Sunak made his first speech as Prime Minister outside Downing Street. He said: “This government will have integrity, professionalism and accountability at every level.

“Trust is earned. And I will earn yours.”



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