I will huff and I will puff, and I will BLOW your house priced down

By any metric its clear that housing in the United Kingdom is costly. The charges are so elevated that the proportion of house prices to disposable income has surged two to three times in the last two decades. The availability of supplies is limited due to various...

The four-day work week is long overdue

One year on from the start of the world’s biggest trial of the four-day working week taking place in the UK, we have the results: success on all fronts. So what are we waiting for?

A better economy does not mean eating the rich, it’s more of a nibble

A 2% tax on the richest people in the UK would raise £22bn a year, what are we waiting for? Oh yeah, a decent government

PM Sunak to crack down on vape promotion for children – vape users have their say

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak says he’s “deeply concerned” about a rise in the number of children vaping, especially his own, as companies “unacceptably” target young people.

What is the single market? Why does it matter that we left?

The single market is an area of economic freedom for members of the EU where exports and people can move without restriction. #SavedYouAClick